Recreating God's Paradise

October 31, 2012

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Every year we complain.

“The traffic is terrible!” “The lines are ridiculous!” “The stuff is out in October!” “If i hear one more Celine Dion ‘O Holy Night,’ I’m going to puke!” “My credit card bill is outrageous!”

And then, every year…every year of the world…we do it all again.

Why do we think this is what the season has to look like? We’ve been programmed, is why. And who is programming us? Retailers. Credit card companies. The vast and varied entertainment industries. They are counting on the chaos and cash of Christmas. It’s crummy and it’s corny. (You’re welcome, English majors).

We’ve been talking for years about shopping less, buying less, and spending less. And yet, for many people, what that means is more trips out into the madness to nail down the best deals, and spend the least amount possible on the most stuff.

What few people talk…

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